Monday, January 30, 2012


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Evelyn, Discipler

Pastor Sam

Children playing at Care Point

James Getting ready to go shopping

James resting before shopping

Return Trip 2012

Wow What a trip!  Just returned from Kayango.  What a bunch of wonderful children!!  These children live out in the country where there is not a lot of educational opportunities.  Well that has all changed this year.  With the help of a lot of people in Grant, Nebraska, there are now 15 of our 115 sponsored students in a top level school in the area.  The High School equivalent age students are enrolled in Buguri High and the Junior high are enrolled In York Primary school.  What a delight to see the eyes light up in these girls when I asked them if they would like to go to school.  You see where they live there is little or no chance for a good education for these children who are either orphans or have only one parent or a few who have both parents, but there is still not enough money for quality education.  The schools that they currently attend are government run schools where at one school there is over 700 students, 10 teachers and about 15 students share one book.
     My dream!!  Start a school where these and 1000's of other orphans live.  Make it a work school so that any who wants to go to school can go and can afford it.  Stay tuned for more info on this school and learn how you can get involved!
James Harms